The Royals In The Digital Age

In the last 15 years the evolving digital landscape has given all people the

potential to be in front of multiple millions of people. However in the case of The Royal Family, the dynamics of the new media landscape gives The Royal a set of platforms that move us beyond the umbrella of celebrity.

Prince Harry is known all over the world but his platform is very different to Rihanna, who is the first artist to have 2 billion streams of her music.

With the population of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, The Royals have reasons to be in front of over 2 billion people around the world.


As representatives of the crown, the currency to being front of millions of people has nothing to do with being known for trade and industry, achievements in athletics, the arts or music and film.

With an international legacy involvement in social good causes, the way organisations that benefit from Royal Patrons 

The $1 trillion a year that has been rewiring the planet since 1989 has put in place a set of media dynamics




Unusual Stories


A series of documentaries

looking at some of the cutting edge developments in communities in the UK, USA and Europe.

Network 2.8 Documentaries


Under the Network 2.8 banner, 12 documentaries are being produced using social media to create audiences that major broadcast networks will be interested in.

Rewind Integrated Media


Television, Movies, Radio, Newsprint are increasingly being

led by the web. We will help your company define how to create an audience for your high end content.