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Mixed Heritage - A Documentary With A Global Impact

In this groundbreaking documentary presented by Mercury Prize Winner, Paul DJ Suv you are taken into the world of one of the fastest growing demographic groups in the world - those with a mixed heritage.

Barack Obama became President of the biggest and most powerful nation of the last 2000 years as a person of mixed heritage. We have seen Halle Berry win an Oscar, Dwayne Johnson become a global star and Megan Markle marry into the Royal Family, all of mixed heritage. However, there are some people of mixed heritage that feel that they "don't fit in".

Bob Marley,  the most successful reggae artist of all time was of mixed heritage and suffered from Colorism but this did not hold him back from becoming the touchstone for reggae creativity.

In this 24 Part Documentary Series we look at the influence of Mixed Heritage people with possibly the most cutting edge updates of the landmark Black Doll Experiment of the 1950s Civil Rights Movement.

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on 19 May 2018 at Windsor Castle in England will be broadcast around the world, but whether we look at the achievements of Barack Obama or Bob Marley or the arrival of Megan Markle to the social landscape, the issue of "fitting in" is always an issue.

In Bill Duke's groundbreaking documentaries Dark Girls and and its companion piece Colorism - which were discussed on Oprah and at Los Angeles Central Library,  we see that even the biggest names in Hollywood are affected.

The Black Doll Experiment In The 21st Century can be revisited today because of the Mixed Heritage community that is now a major demographic and the arrival of Virtual Reality.



In The Heritage Mix we take a look at the history of being mixed heritage, in different countries, e.g. Ireland, then we add a scientific twist to later chapters of the series as we Remix the Black Doll Experiment.

By looking at our Black Doll Experiment video short (click on image to the left), the key difference between The  Black Doll Experiment of the 1950's and its modern incarnation is that you could not deal with the issues that the original experiment unearthed. In Bill Duke's Black Girls and Colorism opinions are expressed but solutions are hard to come by.

As Paul Suv looks at the legacy of modern Colorism and being Mixed Heritage, an unexpected way of looking at the past and the future unfolds.

For people around the world, The Heritage Mix will prove to be one of the most fascinating documentary series ever produced. The real time social experiment aspect of The Heritage Mix will impact any country in the world that has been affected by the legacy of Colorism.

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