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Take a look at our brochures and videos that show give an outline to the workshops that we offer for children and adults that are looking to pursue a career in the creative arts world. Whether you are in the UK, USA, Europe or the Caribbean islands near to America, there is something for you here.

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Brochure Update Coming Soon - Rewind Media
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Brochure & Books From Rewind Global

The way we think about the world today and in the past are different. In America, the home school tradition has been enhanced by the digital age. Whether Princeton, Harvard or Oxford University, it is possible to receive instructions from the most prestigious educational institutions of the world in your own home. If you add to any education syllabus the ability to earn pocket money or become a distance worker and the ability to choose a unique career path in any direction does not have the grant based limitations of the 1980s.

For those with an interenst in the arts, being able to travel to auditions or fund your own industry internship gives you an advantage that someone else is not making for themselves.

As seen in the Auditions Workshop Brochure, once, you had to live in L.A. to have a chance at an audition in an American movie, today with a handheld camera, some of the biggest producers are requesting that you upload a video from anywhere in the world for an audition.

The career inroad paths of the past and today are not the same. Today the sky is the limit.

When  published in 2012, The Direct To Fanbase Revolution stated that we would see a time when those in the entertainment industry would command huge social media followings. Today we live in a world were music makers with 100 million social followers will be in the position to reach 1 billion people.

In this new ecology of celebrity, the who you know era will be superseded by who you are.

In the 1970s Steven Spielberg was the brand name to be associated with as an actor. Now we are in a time when a music maker can sell out a global stadium tour in 2 hours. Soon, the same will happen to movie makers who, with the right author or director can bring an idea of interest to a global audience.


Catch a copy of The Direct To Fanbase Revolution at one of our workshops or live events.

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Unusual Stories


A series of documentaries

looking at some of the cutting edge developments in communities in the UK, USA and Europe.

Network 2.8 Documentaries


Under the Network 2.8 banner, 12 documentaries are being produced using social media to create audiences that major broadcast networks will be interested in.

Rewind Integrated Media


Television, Movies, Radio, Newsprint are increasingly being

led by the web. We will help your company define how to create an audience for your high end content.