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Music Industry Retreats For The 21st Century

Imagine being able to get a new band or artist in front of 100 million music buyers without MTV. This is the new world of media that the Recode Music Forums look to introduce you to.


The changes that have taken place in the digital space have allowed us to think of new ways of launching bands and artist that were not with us 10 years ago and eliminate the risk associated with the once compulsory investment of $1 million to try and turn an unknown into a household name (IFPI Report Page 9).


Look at what we have seen in recent years:-


  • Coldplay assisted a major charity to get to 100 million social media followers,

  • Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Shakira amass in the region of 100 million social media fans each,

  • Californian movie producers set up strategic alliances with Chinese online distribution platforms to gain access to 660 Chinese entertainment fans,

  • Ed Norton's CrowdRise accomplished in 5 years what it took Oprah Winfrey 30 years to achieve as a charitable fund raiser,

  • Rihanna is the first artist to get 2 billion streams resulting in 121,000,000 sales.


Spain and The Caribbean is where we host our retreats for those who want to be on the forefront of change in this new world of digital media. The UK is where we host our One On One engagements. Why?

In the March 2017 edition of TechMix Magazine an article showed us that there are computer gamers that have between 1- 7 billion views of their content. No Music, No Movies, just Gaming. In contrast there are over a million bands and artist (unsigned)

with zero social media followers but, as seen by major label execs in the 2009 IFPI Report, it still takes money to launch a new act. Our Forum looks to take the gamble out of the $1 million per act investment process so that major labels can find those who should be invested in.

MTV, now over 36 years of age with its compulsory high end music video investment is a thing of the past as the method does not ensure an artist will become a 2 billion streams artist.

Listen to the audio cast for more information.

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