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Film Industry Piracy And Its Impact On Films Getting A Green Light


Piracy has caused film companies to look for "sure thing tentpoles" that can generate future profits however finding the next Lord of The Rings, Matrix or Marvel concept to invest in can be difficult.


With over 3 billion Smartphone users, it is now possible to create the campaigns that will get a new brand idea to a big enough audience.

In the hands of Kevin Feige (@Kevfeige) The Marvel Universe has become the dominant cultural juggernaut for consistent blockbuster production in the last 10 years. In contrast legacy brands like The Fantastic 4, Lara Croft, Batman & Superman and Star Wars in the hands of a new generation of producers, directors and leading actors have failed to capture the magic and box office performance of their previous incarnations.

Because Sigourney Weaver (68), Harrison Ford (75) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (70) don't have the gift of

Peter Pan, being able to reprise their iconic roles that gave us the blockbusters that have been with us for a generation moves us into the world of reality. Even if we do have the potential of motion capture, Harrison Ford gave us Han Solo when he was 35 years old. 

As great a director David Fincher is, he was resistant to take on the responsibility of taking forward Star Wars as explained to Kathleen Kennedy.

When George Lucas gave us Star Wars in 1977, it was a new idea, sold to studio execs with storyboards. But if David Fincher understands that making Star Wars as good as the original is a tall order and those that have taken it on have failed, how we look at other franchises like like Batman tells us that taking on the people that can give us the new Harry Potter or Matrix is easier to do in the interconnected age.

As seen with the explainer video to the left, the money for placement advertising exists for the right projects. James Bond has developed a legacy where a new face to take 007 forward to the next generation, like Dr Who has an expectation that audiences work with. When such a tradition does not exist, using Smartphone communities in the millions, that can be contacted with a sponsor offers a new way to think about creating the next Harry Potter World.

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