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Asia And The Internet - The New Bamboo Curtain


China is set to be the biggest economy in the world, replacing America as the major financial engine of the planet.  

In the New York Times  we see how China is changing the internet. As China invests around the world  with Its New Silk Road Program the presence of China will be as prevalent as America is today..

For those with an interest in film, China's investment in to the West is as important to understanding American film.

1.3 Billion In China Are Changing The Internet


China is changing Hollywood, and America's Amazon and Netflix are shadows in comparison to  China's Alibaba and Tencent.

Xue Zhang (pictured left) is our Virtual Reality Cognitive Scientist who will be holding a number of workshops that focus on, among other things The Future Of China & Hollywood.


China is 4 times the size of America in terms of population and China is also a major investor in Africa. The coming decades will see a huge change in the way China's 1.3 billion population and Africa's 1 billion population impacts the film and television output of China.

In the evergrowing On Demand Television world that is changing television, film and music, we know that the future of China's Media output will not be like America's television of the 1970s to 2000.

The global audience outside of America and China cannot be forced to like anything and so the big players of the future will not necessarily be Amazon, HBO, Netflix Tencent or Alibaba

From Bruce Lee To The 21st Century 


In the 1970s Bruce Lee was the Chinese export that the world idolized. Today however, the global palate has become accustomed to Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, Wonder Woman, Avengers, Terminator, Avatar and Mission Impossible. For China to harness its reach and investment potential, the country will have to cater for a taste in movies that Hollywood has given the world.

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