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The Oxford Black Swan Experiment Documentary Series International

A Documentary Series/Reality Show For Every Inner City Worker

Oxford is one of the most famous cities in the world, known globally because of education. On Monday 26th February 2018, Councillor Peter Handley, a member of Oxford's Local Government complained about the inner city poverty that plagued one local housing estate where the 2011 Census showed that 37% of children lived below the poverty line. The tirade against those responsible for the 37% was as a response to the £millions that had been spent on development that had not brought about change.

The Black Swan Experiment is a 24 Part Documentary and Reality TV Series that is designed to show how to create change in any urban neighbourhood.

Losing Millions Locally - Losing Billions Internationally - The Dunning Kruger Effect

With an understanding that millions have been misspent in an Oxford Housing Estate, the same mistakes that we see in Oxford, if replicated throughout the UK amounts to billions. 

A Black Swan Event is something that takes place that is unexpected. Most of us know what a swan looks like but seeing a Black Swan is rare. When we look at those who have made a difference in a community, what they accomplish is called a Black Swan Event. Jaime Escalante, Erin GruwellKen CarterPierre Dulaine, Herman Boone and LouAnne Johnson are examples of people who have changed the nature of a community because their approach to making change was

unconventional and could not be found in a text book.

Dunning–Kruger Effect  is the term used to describe people who are oftentimes leading projects that will fail because the project leader is not equipped to make what they want to see happen take place. Oftentimes, wrong people get picked for a crucial job, BIAS is method for assembling a team and the pecking order mindset is the management model that always fails to deliver.

Back in 2007, Derek James stated to Benn Jupp, (who was the strategic policy minister under Tony Blair) that he would be making a film about Oxford and the benefits that had come as a result of the £500,000 that had been invested. At the time, and with new management in place, the project that Derek was a founder member of went on to be part of the millions invested that created zero  community impact. According the Peter North on the BBC, community project failures will always be the outcome unless you deliberately change the method and people that you use to create community development.



Derek James is the author of the book, The Direct To Fanbase Revolution, a book that looks at how new media technology is changing aspect of the media industry. In 2018, Derek will be working with some of the biggest names in music and film as the organiser of The Recode Music Forums in Spain.

As a participant in a London School Of Economics research programme that looks at the impact of BREXIT on the housing estate where 37% of the children live below the poverty line, and a project that Ruskin College Oxford is involved in that looks to see how to make social change, it becomes obvious that governments around the world should use better methods to locate and enable change makers.


If members of the Local Government Authority wish to avoid the pitfalls of the Dunning–Kruger Effect and find people like Jaime Escalante, Erin GruwellKen CarterPierre Dulaine, Herman Boone and Marine LouAnne Johnson in times of prosperity or austerity, The Black Swan Approach is the method that can eliminate bad choices where positive legacies are the outcome of any form of inward investment.

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