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The Oxfam Dilemma - Transparancy

As a result of Oxfam covering up sex abuse, by its workers on women from Haiti, Minnie Driver was the fist Hollywood actress to withdraw her support from the charity.

We have seen Coldplay use their celebrity status to bring 100 million supporters to Oxfam for their 2012 Grow Campaign however, the future for celebrity endorsements needs to be understood in a new light due to the way sex abuse issues are being handled by governing bodies and the public.

In June 2018, it was reported that Oxfam lost £16 million in support, resulting in job losses and charity shop closures. The public showed that they were not happy with the way the NGO  had dealt with the sex abuse problem but NGOs like Oxfam, Save The Children, Médecins Sans Frontières and the United Nations will have to offer forms of transparacy that are bullet proof as the technologies that will enable a celelbrity to be in contact with up to a billion people become the new currency of those in music and film.

When Bob Geldof launched Live AID in 1984, charities saw how effective someone with a high profile in the entertainment industry could be as a fund raising partner, ambassador or spokesperson.

However, today and in the light of Dr Larry Nasser, The Catholic Child Abuse Scandal, Jimmy Saville, Ian Watkins, Jerry Sandusky and Harvey Weinstein celebrities cannot rubber stamp their approval of a charity.

All charities have 3 core issues that they have to contend with today if they are to satisfy a would b celebrity partner.

The Dilemma Partnership is an initiative that is designed to ensure that charities are not beset with the following:-

  1. A Disaster Capitalism Ethos

  2. An Inadequate Safeguarding Protocol

  3. Unwillingness to work with other organisations in the same field of activity


The Dilemma Partnership is run for and on behalf of the artists, actors, models and singers that are looking to lend their name and goodwill to a charity.

The Dilemma Partnership - See Video Promo
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