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Audition Safe International - Music - Film - Theatre

Whether you are an adult, parent, band member or aspiring actor, we have

seen a dark side to the entertainment business that has now become globally

understood by all. If you want to know how to navigate the dark side of the

audition process, listen to the radio show on the right.

In the last 24 months the landscape of the entertainment industry has

changed beyond all recognition in light of the Harvey Weinstein revelations.

The fallout seen in other industry sectors which include television, theatre

and music shows us that there is a serious sexual harassment issue that

needs to be addressed in entertainment.


Those that are inside the entertainment industry have, through Red Carpet

Campaigns raised money for those outside the industry of entertainment

through the #TimesUp/Legal Defence Fund. With a celebrity profile, we are

seeing the difference between a hospital worker and a movie actress and the

ability of one to shine a light on an issue and the other who has no voice.


However, for the millions of aspiring music makers and actresses, the “sexual favors for progress” dilemma is a grey area that many have and still will have to navigate as spoken about by Whoopi Goldberg.

Artificial Intelligence from the Zero Abuse Project can now be used by organisations to track the history of the “nomadic predator” who moves from institution to institution, cover up to cover up, job to job who is never exposed.


So, here is the practical side of the equation. As seen in her TV show, The View, Whoopi Goldberg stated that there are beautiful women, who are the targets of predators. The cost for not going along with predators demands will always put women in a situation of potential compromise, loss of integrity and, often, having to leave a career opening. Emma Thompson spoke at length about the sexual favors for career advancement issue that will still be in the industry and the type of women that may take that route.


When a woman has no value because she is not yet a Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Lawrence, the predator takes advantage. Now, with the Audition Safe Program, women wanting a career in music or film can use the methods of 21st Century Transparency to move in the direction of their careers and bypass the issues spoken about by Whoopi Goldberg and Emma Thompson.

For those with music industry ambitions, we see that the Harvey Weinsteins of music also exist. The New Musical Express reported that Chloe Howl had suffered abuse and that the UK has problems that are as bad as the USA. From the exploitation allegations of the Pussy Cat Dolls/Kaya Jones to Kesha, and Taylor Swift being abused by a radio DJ, the stench of what has been hidden under carpets and what skeletons are under floorboards shows that we are at ground zero.

From the world of film, music, television, sport and religion, the unearthing of people like Jerry Sandusky

and his son Jeffery, Dr Larry Nassar, Jimmy Saville, Kevin Spacey and others has shown a core reality

that is frightening.

Lady Gaga said that token gestures (White Roses at The Brits) are not enough as a report in the Guardian Newspaper said that 78% of women reported that they had received some form of sexual harassment. These numbers are insane.


The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors, the Golden Globesthe Grammys, the Brit Awards/BPI and the Oscars have all made a stance against sexual abuse as Minnie Driver withdrew her support from Oxfam for their involvement in a huge sex abuse the cover up.


Here in the Audition Safe Programme, you can hear about how you can be involved in one of the biggest movements to hit entertainment.

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