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Welcome To Rewind - The Rewind Group


The sexual harassment epidemic that has hit all aspects of the

entertainment industry and the broader society has become a major

talking point. In an interview Lady Gaga stated that the time for

platitudes was over and that solution based initiatives need to be

put in place that have real results. To this end The Rewind Group

has set up the Audition Safe initiative. Why?

Our business is about assisting those in the entertainment

industry use the emerging systems of communication that will enable

an individual to get in contact with up to a billion people.  The initial model that we looked to use was to contract exclusively with above the line personnel, however people like Harvey Weinstein, as power brokers would have used that position as another means of being a gatekeeper.

Every media industry has been changed due to the digital revolution. At one end we have seen the evolution of SuperTV where movie budgets spent on the production of On Demand Content is the new normal. But we have also seen  Rihanna amass 2 billion streams of her music resulting in 120,000,000 sales and China's Tencent having 660 million subscribers with both Alibaba  and Tencent becoming major investors in Hollywood movies.


In line with our commitment to Audition Safe/#MeToo/#TimesUp, we now work with actors and music makers that are sponsored which creates an enviroment where predators can be eliminated.


Our ideas about media have changed. Broadcast groups, brands, music makers and film producers can now build audiences and market intelligence for what they produce from the bottom up. Traditional market research can fail to predict future trends because it asks the wrong questions. However, an audience that "follows" is the new demographic litmus test.  




One of the key Virtual Reality services we work with will help music makers get to an audience were the Virtual Experience can be used to enhance and  accelerated the learning speed speed of an ability. Cognitive scientist, film fight choreographer and former Olympic Tae Kwon Do Team Coach, Dr Xue Zhang has a VR system for the entertainment industry.



Most big name artists have between 80-100 million social media followers. Rihanna has received over 2 billion streams of her music resulting in 121,000,000 sales. Today music promotion has to be bespoke, here's why!

The ability to get to 3 billion social media users around the world is impossible through MTV. 



We have seen more music makers hit 100 million social media followers than actors, yet the film industry creates the billion dollar franchises.


The ability for actors to engage with entertainment fans with the same ease as a music maker where 1 billion stream of an actors media is now possible with our systems. Here's why! 

With China having 1.3 billion people and half of the population signed up to access entertainment on demand, VR as an entertainment platform that caters to the Asian audience is something Rewind is working on.

The Chinese online world is different to  the West and therefore needs a different approach

Major media brands like CNN and the BBC are not keeping up with the Digital Age as mass communications platforms which means that artists must have a method to get to the masses. We have the means to get acts progressively to an international audience.

Books like Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings sold over 500 million copies before they became  movies but the characters Golum and Harry along with The Terminator can be sold to millions of film fans when you approach the world with the Actors Enneagram System and VR.

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